"The Heroine Stands"
A heroine stands defiantly, alone on a white floor. Her black, shiny leather boots with large silver buckles, and the tip of her sword are all that are visible from this low angled photograph, reminiscent of a sci-fi or fantasy comic book panel.
"The Lion and The Feather"
In this bright photograph, a lion statue sits lost in thought next to a single large, white feather.
"Snow White"
"Focus in Blue"
A vintage Paillard Bolex video camera sits on its original tripod in front of a grey background in this exploration of light.
"Countdown in Pink"
An ancient black wooden abacus floats diagonally above a shimmery pink cloth, its small black beads marching downward in rows, tying the modernity of photography to the antiquity of math.
"Geometric Triad"
Three white spheres sit on three white rectangular boxes, reflected on a mirror table against a blue-lit background in this still life photograph.
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