"Never The Right Time"

Lights almost float in mid-air in this vivid nighttime photograph of the Alamo Music Center.
"Under The Overpass II"

The desolate feel of an empty San-Antonio parking lot beneath the concrete columns and structures supporting an overpass contrasts sharply with the bright blue sky above it and the bright green trees beside it.
"The Bus Stop I"
On a street corner in San Antonio, the neon sign of a bus depot shouts vibrantly in red, asking the dark night, "what if we left right now?"
"Night Lights"
Photographed in San Antonio at night, a building stands covered by brightly colored, glowing lights and flowing shadows.
"Under The Overpass I"
Giant concrete columns and structures support an overpass, standing alone in a deserted parking lot in San Antonio.
"On The Move"
A man on a bicycle blurs past a lit up music center at night in San Antonio, Texas in this photographic print.
"Gridwork Lights"
"Music Center"
"The Bus Stop II"
"Snack Time!"
"Bright Bricks"
"Coloring Under The Overpass"
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